Who Are We

Established in 2023, SkyEaze is a pioneering IT Consultancy & Aviation Solutions provider. Our mission is to seamlessly integrate advanced information technology with cutting-edge aviation solutions, delivering innovative results that simplify your life in an increasingly digital world. We are dedicated to enhancing your experience by bridging the gap between technology and aviation, ensuring efficiency, convenience and superior service!

Our IT Services

  • Cloud-Based Products & Applications
    • Design and development tailored to your business needs
    • Utilization of the latest market technologies
  • Data Processing & Infrastructure
    • Comprehensive data processing services
    • Infrastructure setup for website hosting and private virtual servers
  • Web Development
    • Creation of websites with distinct user interfaces and unique user experiences
  • Cloud Services
    • Cloud storage and cloud networks
  • Infrastructure & Hosting
    • Robust infrastructure and hosting solutions
  • Workgroups Management
    • Efficient management of workgroups
  • Innovative Network-Based Services
    • Cutting-edge services to enhance network capabilities
  • Specialized Consultations
    • Cybersecurity
    • Artificial intelligence
    • Robotics
    • Virtual and augmented reality
    • Networking solutions for small businesses and homes

Discover the world’s wonders,

one adventure at a time.

Our Aviation Solutions & Services

  • Ticketing Services
    • Comprehensive ticketing services for airlines and passengers
  • Ground Services & Airport Operations
    • Advanced ground services for aircraft and seamless airport operations
  • Navigation & Air Guidance
    • Technical consulting in navigation and air guidance
    • Regular updates of aircraft Aeronautical Information Regulation and Control (AIRAC) files every 28 days
  • Aircraft Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)
    • Consultancy services in MRO to ensure optimal aircraft performance
  • Aircraft Leasing & Outsourcing
    • Specialized consultancy in aircraft leasing and outsourcing solutions
  • Safety Standards & Timely Deliveries
    • Adherence to safety standards and ensuring timely aircraft deliveries

Trusted Sources

  • [SANS]
    • Our trusted source for obtaining AIRAC information, providing reliable and up-to-date guidance for aviation navigation services in Saudi Arabia